Supply Chain + Distribution Recruiters

Facilitating growth in this evolving industry

At iRiS Recruiting Solutions, our supply chain and distribution recruiters bridge the gap between your organization and skilled professionals who tackle logistics challenges. We focus on warehouse, distribution centers, and transportation, reflecting the interconnected industry.

We specialize in positions from Supervisors to General Managers, Directors, and VPs. Our expertise keeps your teams at the forefront of the evolving logistics landscape, ensuring continuous improvement and growth. With iRiS, you’ll receive adaptive talent and leadership for streamlined operations with a competitive edge in supply chain and distribution. We prioritize precision in recruitment, aligning skillsets, cultural fit, and strategic objectives.

Brian Heman

Partner & Business Unit Leader - Supply Chain

Craig Huchel

Business Unit Leader - Supply Chain

Brittany Wenger

Account Manager - Supply Chain

Andrew VanAelst

Account Manager - Supply Chain

Tyler Hebert

Account Manager - Supply Chain

Haley Holdaway

Executive Assistant - Supply Chain
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Recruiting skilled talent and leadership

Our name reflects our focus. We are not generalists. We are not the firm that takes on every search. Our recruiters concentrate on construction —areas others avoid because they lack the specialized knowledge, experience, or hard-won expertise to deliver. But we do.

Our clients don’t use us for everything, and we don’t accept every potential placement that comes our way. The construction recruiters at iRiS operate where we can have the most significant impact, taking on the searches we know will benefit our clients the most. In doing so, we build trust and professional relationships that enable us all to succeed and grow.

Build your Career

Find the job you want with a company you’ll love.

At iRiS Recruiting Solutions, we help people look forward to Mondays. We’ve all had that job. It’s not challenging, the location is wrong, there’s no room for advancement, the compensation doesn’t match up with your contributions, the team is barely a team, and it just doesn’t feel like a place any professional calls home.

We’re here to help with that. We’re here to assist you in finding a company and a team that values your experience, skill, and accomplishments—a client who respects, values, and treats you the way a professional of your caliber deserves. The supply chain and distribution recruiters at iRiS will create excitement around your introduction to the hiring market, highlighting your potential contributions to this industry and showcasing your already measurable success. All you have to do is reach out and we can get started.