Retail Employees

Ginny Miller
Retail Account Executive

“Being a top ranked Retail Recruiter with iRiS Retail Recruiting is exciting! I place Wholesale and Retail Candidates in Buying, Planning, Design, Marketing Global Sourcing, QA, Store Management ...

Kim Luther
Retail Account Executive

“As a Senior Retail Recruiter with iRiS Retail Recruiting, Kim has many years of success in placing retail candidates in the retail industry. Corporate and field retail jobs both nationally and ...

Adrienne Millet
Retail Account Executive

“As a Retail Recruiter with iRiS Retail Recruiting, I have placed many retail candidates of various positions with very rewarding Retail jobs.” 
Adrienne comes from a 14-year career in retail ...

Sondra Caputo
Retail Project Coordinator

What do you get when you combine well-rounded retail experience with boundless energy and enthusiasm, along with a passion for matching up top-performing retail talent with high quality ...

Sunita Siler
Retail Project Coordinator

As recruiters, we are in the people and information business, and no one manages the vast amount of information we gather about our candidates, clients and processes better than Sunita Siler!  ...

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