Zach Mayner

Zach brings an in-depth knowledge of the commercial construction industry, enabling him to understand the unique needs of high-performing organizations. Specializing in the Traveling Superintendent space, Zach leverages an expansive network of candidates and clients. His insights and networking abilities facilitate invaluable connections and insider information from top-tier candidates looking for new opportunities.

As one of the few recruiters in the U.S. hyper-niched in the Traveling Superintendent market for Commercial General Contractors, Zach has made a significant impact since establishing the Traveling Superintendent Division in 2019. Under his leadership, Zach and his team have successfully assisted clients in hiring over 125 Traveling Superintendents. He is committed to providing clients with high-quality talent that drives long-term, systematic organizational growth and success.

Zach graduated from Purdue University, focusing on Selling & Sales Management, Organizational Leadership & Supervision, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Now entering his 10th year as an Executive Recruiter, Zach continues to build strong partnerships with superintendents and key decision-makers in the construction industry.