Tyler Hebert

When Tyler Hebert was first introduced to iRiS Recruiting Solutions, he was pursuing a dream of someday playing in the National Hockey League as he was excelling in the junior national developmental hockey league. But playing hockey was not Tyler’s only competitive venture. While pursuing his hockey dream, Tyler also created a plan of a building a successful career in sales and entrepreneurship. To that end and while still in high school, Tyler joined Vector Marketing/Cutco Knives as a Sales Rep where he quickly developed into a stellar sales and management professional, which garnered him promotions to Assistant Manager and then Senior Advisor.

Tyler earned many awards throughout his hockey and Cutco careers . . . “Heart of the Team” . . . “Character” . . . “Leadership” . . . “Hardest Worker” . . . “Top Performer”.

Those attributes continue to serve Tyler well in his role as the lead Recruiter for iRiS Recruiting Solutions and Craig Huchel’s Supply Chain team. Craig is the “Wayne Gretzky” of supply chain recruitment, btw, and Tyler is his protégé and learning from the best every day!

Tyler knows how important talent is in hockey and in business, and he is well on his way to being the equivalent of “The Great One” in Supply Chain recruiting. For high achieving supply chain professionals seeking to advance their career or find talent for their company, you will not find a more determined, competitive and trustworthy recruiter, who can solve your problems, than Tyler Hebert!