Nate Wise

As an experienced business unit leader for the construction industry Nate excels at developing personal relationships with top industry talent, gaining deep insight into their career goals and motivations. He has built strong connections with influential industry sources, who provide valuable referrals. Nate’s extensive networking and research skills give him access to candidates not easily found by other recruiters.

In addition to his networking abilities, Nate has implemented streamlined processes in the construction database to enhance the candidate selection process. This innovative approach, combined with iRiS’ expansive database, enables Nate to quickly identify and connect with key players in the construction industry.

His contributions have led to the successful placement of over 100 construction professionals in the past five years, earning him recognition as a 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 iRiS President’s Club Winner. Nate is a highly valued and trusted leader of the iRiS Construction Recruiting team.