MJ Woods

MJ brings in-depth knowledge and a strong track record of success in the construction industry to his role with iRiS Construction Recruiting. With over five year’s experience with a premiere structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator and erector, MJ has successfully worn many hats within business development and operations management.

One of the major keys to MJ’s success is that he quickly learned TALENT WINS, and possessing a keen eye for talent, while having a consistent process of identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent, is a sure-fire plan for long-term success.

When bringing top construction management talent together with progressive general and specialty trade contractors, MJ takes a deep dive into understanding his client’s needs and the key skills, experiences, goals, attitude, and character candidates must possess in order to bring tremendous value to the client. Throughout the vetting and interview process, MJ maintains a positive rapport and line of communication with his clients and candidates, leaving no stone unturned and making sure all parties feel their voices are heard, their time is never wasted, and their feelings and wishes are always respected.