Matt Casburn

Matt Casburn has sought out top talent from several vantage points in his career, first as a Staff Recruiter and Retention Director for a large non-profit organization, recruiting hundreds of employees and thousands of seasonal staff over a period of 14 years. Matt stepped into the for-profit world as a Human Resources and Talent Development Manager for a consumer services company, followed by 3rd party recruiting roles in executive recruiting specializing in manufacturing and construction.

Shortly after joining iRiS Construction Recruiting, Matt realized the value of his previous experience in helping him gain a full understanding of the goals, problems and needs of progressive commercial construction contractors who are in a “war for talent” for high-in-demand and low-in-supply traveling commercial construction superintendents. The challenges in locating and recruiting “impact player” traveling superintendents and making “right-fit matches” with some of the most respected general contractors in the industry can be daunting, but Matt and his iRiS Traveling Superintendent recruiting team have the experience, know-how, resources, processes, work ethic, and sheer grit to bring the best traveling superintendent talent together with the top commercial construction contractors in the country.

We are extremely proud of the companies we have helped build with best-in-class talent, and we are just as proud of advancing the careers and lives of our placed candidates who put their trust in us! If you are a candidate looking to advance your career, or a Construction company in need of top-tier traveling Superintendents, contact Matt and learn how the iRiS Construction Recruiting team can help you take the next step!