Sunita Siler

Sunita Siler

Retail - Project Coordinator

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P: (317) 819-3404

As recruiters, we are in the people and information business, and no one manages the vast amount of information we gather about our candidates, clients and processes better than Sunita Siler!  Wearing several hats on a daily basis, Sunita serves as an air traffic controller keeping Ginny Miller’s, our retail teams’, along with our clients’ and candidates’, schedules of activities, meetings and interviews updated on an hourly basis.  Additionally, Sunita serves as a librarian who can quickly access our database with up-to-date accurate information about thousands of candidates and clients on a moment’s notice.  And finally, Sunita is also a researcher and a detective who is relentless in uncovering the difficult-to-find information about top-performing impact player candidates and growing companies on the move.

Our retail team is unrivaled across the country when it comes to quickly delivering results for our clients and candidates, and Sunita plays a pivotal role in making that happen!

Prior to joining iRiS Recruiting Solutions, Sunita served as a Customer Service Rep for Liberty Mutual Insurance, and an Assistant Director of Administration with Huntington Learning Center in Cincinnati, OH.   A native of the bay area of Northern California, Sunita is a graduate of California State University with a B.A. degree Human Development.  She made her way to the Midwest in 2011 and now proudly claims Carmel, IN and iRiS Recruiting as her second homes, and we couldn’t be happier!

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